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The hormone progesterone has a role in determining the mood and can affect the emotions of the body.  Progesterone deficient can cause several complications. The hormone progesterone has a very big role in maintaining pregnancy.

What is Hormone Progesterone?

 Progesterone is a body hormone generated in ovaries. This hormone works for change, which occurs in the uterus during the menstrual cycle. Progesterone prepares uterus for an implantation of a fertilized egg, and is also responsible for uterine maintenance through pregnancy. Low Progesterone Symptoms Progesterone deficiency occurs not only to older women, but also towhose menopause approaches and also to younger women. In young women, it is seen as Premenstrual Syndrome, which stands for PMS.

Effects of low Progesterone

Depression is the most common signs of low progesterone levels.  Low progesterone can lead to depression and can cause suicidal tendencies. Low levels of progesterone can cause insomnia. If you frequently experience symptoms like mood, anxiety, etc., which have never happened to you before, could be one of the low progesterone symptoms. If you have not made significant changes to your activity and no reason can cause fatigue, you should check whether progesterone deficiency is the cause. It has been observed that low levels of progesterone may result in memory loss.  Some women experience heavy bleeding in one month, and next month they may not bleed at all. hormonal deficiency leads to menstruation more frequently. They usually menstruate about every 20 days in place of 28 in normal women. Women with progesterone deficiency have severe bleeding, they should often change pads, sometimes even after every hour. They may also experience severe lumpy bleeding. If you have abnormal weight surrounding the abdominal area, it can occur due to progesterone deficiency. Many a times women at the time of menopause experience vaginal dryness because to progesterone deficiency. Vaginal dryness also causes painful sexual intercourse. Some other signs of reduced progesterone are joint pain, urinary tract infection, intestine cyst, appetite changes, reduced libido , fibroids etc.

 Causes Progesterone deficiency

Some of the reasons of progesterone deficiency are listed below

  • Stress: Research has specifies that several women in America live through from progesterone deficiency, because it is too much to think and stress the lives they experience. Stress also affects sporadic ovulation.
  • Diet: Women who consume excessive amounts of non-vegetarian foods generally have high estrogen levels as well. This estrogen leads to an imbalance between the level of estrogen and progesterone in the human body.
  • Birth control pills: There is a high-dose birth hormone. One hormone is progestin, but not the same as the hormone progesterone produced by the body. The birth control pills increases estrogen levels that cause imbalances.
  • Other reasons: Several other reasons that cause progesterone deficiency of hypothyroidism, hormone replacement therapy,adrenal gland disorders etc.

 But the cause of progesterone deficiency has never been studied even ignored. Some women use progesterone cream at pharmacies, which provides them without having to know the cause of progesterone deficiency. However it is not recommended to use medicines as it could be more dangerous.