Helpful Diet Tips To Follow when Feeding Pit Bulls

Helpful Diet Tips To Follow when Feeding Pit Bulls

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Pit bulls are strong and agile dogs that need to have a high-protein in order to stay healthy. They are especially prone to elbow and hip dysplasia that can become worse due to obesity. With a healthy diet, obesity can be prevented improving the health of the skin and coat of the dog and guarantee a long and healthy life for the canine comparison.


Pit bull Nutrition Basic

Protein is the most significant part of a dog. This is particularly true for big and high-energy dogs such as pit bulls. Corn, potatoes and wheat are allergens for a lot of dogs and pit bulls are prone to coat and skin issues. Consequently, it is imperative to make sure that the pet food bought in stores must have meat as its first ingredient containing plenty of fillers. The feeding instructions presented on the food package must be followed. When you are feeding your pit bull, a home-made diet, ensure you feed it two to four percent of the total body weight of the dog every day. `181809-10

Feeding Schedule

Very young pit bull puppies must consume softened dry food 2-3 times per day. When a puppy is filly weaned, it must be fed continuously 2-3 times every day using high-quality puppy foods that are made for big breeds until the pit bull is around 12 months old. Adult pit bulls may be fed once or twice every day. When you choose to feed it two times daily, ensure that you give it half of their food allowance every day at every meal. Obese dos are likely to thrive eating one time per day; however, a number of dogs will become restless and whiny when they just eat once every day.35e9ea45b62ec85ed2fce34ebdb060b3

Feeding Issues

Pit bulls may eat their food while continuously chewing. This can result in some issues that range from gas to diarrhea to bloat which can threaten their life. Bloat can kill dogs within just one hour and must be avoided. Low-grain, high-protein diets can help in preventing bloat. When a pit bull eats quickly, it must be given 2-3 small meals every day instead of one big meal and must not exercise or run right away following their meal as this can result in the swaying of the stomach within the abdominal cavity that precedes bloat.  Also, when the food bowl of the dog is raised with an elevated dog feed, the risk of the dog to bloat will increase.


Diet Options

The majority of dog owners feed their pit bulls store-bought food. Pick a high-quality food that has meat, instead of grains or meat by-product as the first ingredient. In general, dry dog foods are healthier than moist dog foods that tend to be higher in calories and fat. A number of stores also provide refrigerated meat-based foods that are great options for very owners. The raw food diet that includes offering pit pulls some raw bones, is also a good option for a lot of dogs. However, dog owners should educate themselves on proceeding with a raw food diet. Click here to get useful information on this aspect.

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