How to Switch from Smoking to Vaping

How to Switch from Smoking to Vaping

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Making the switch from smoking to vaping is crucial, as e-cigarettes do not contain the toxins and carcinogens that are prevalent in tobacco products. One study at the University of North Carolina showed that about two thirds of US physicians believe that e-cigs can assist tobacco users in the quitting process. Also, one third of medical doctors recommend e-cigarettes to help with quitting.

Save More Money by Vaping

Most people who take up vaping prefer it to smoking as they can practice the habit discreetly. In addition, vaping can save you money. If you want to reduce the amount you spend by at least $500 per year, then you will want to learn more about how to break your tobacco habit.

Naturally, before you begin vaping, you will need to invest in some equipment and e-liquids. If you choose to purchase disposable e-cigs, you will need to buy a new e-cig each day. Needless to say, choosing this approach is inconvenient, if not costly.

Begin with a Starter Kit

To learn how to vape correctly and make the most of what you spend, you need to invest in an e-cigarette starter kit. This is the best way to learn how the e-cigarette is made and how to recharge the device for use. You can also become better acquainted with the types of e-liquids used for vaping.

The battery for the e-cig heats a coil that transforms the e-liquid into a vapor. The better and stronger the battery, the longer the charge will last. Usually, the larger batteries are more expensive and heavier. The tank or atomizer for an e-cigarette holds the e-liquid. The atomizer is what is used to vaporize the e-liquid in the e-cigarette.

The e-liquid or e-juice comes with various levels of nicotine. Some of the liquids contain no nicotine at all. So, you can wean yourself off of your nicotine addiction by vaping. What’s fun about vaping is that you can choose from an array of interesting fruity e-cig flavours as well as from more conventional choices, like menthol or tobacco flavours.

How to Reduce Your Nicotine Consumption

When you choose an e-liquid, start with a higher concentration of nicotine and gradually level off the amount until you are vaping without nicotine. This is the best way to reduce your nicotine consumption if your ultimate goal is to quit.

In order to figure how much nicotine to buy, you need to calculate how much nicotine you are consuming by smoking. Typically, the conversion rate is around one milligram of nicotine per cigarette. In other words, if you currently smoke a pack per day, you are consuming about 20 mg of nicotine.

The e-liquid you use will normally come in certain concentrations – each of which is measured in milligrams. For example, if you purchase a bottle of e-juice that contains 18 milligrams of nicotine and the bottle is 10 millilitres, it equates to nine packs of tobacco cigarettes, or 180 cigarettes.

When you draw on an e-cigarette, you will need to make the draw softer and longer. Try to draw the vapor for about five seconds. Avoid inhaling the vapor into your lungs. Instead, draw the vapor into the mouth. Hold the vapor for a couple seconds before exhaling through your nose.