Ketogenic Diet- Your way to No Fat Lifestyle

Ketogenic Diet- Your way to No Fat Lifestyle

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Ketogenic diet- One of the varieties of low-carb diets, such as the Kremlin diet and the Atkins diet, but with a difference. The ketogenic diet is restricted or works on the principal of elimination of carbohydrates, increases the amount of fat consumed, and protein in the diet is present in moderate amounts. The main goal of this diet – change the metabolic processes in the body.

The term “ketone” is derived from the old German word “acetone” means volatile substance specific metabolite that is obtained by splitting of fats during digestion. Scientifically this action is called lipolysis, while the breakdown of carbohydrates is called glipoliza. Ketone bodies cause antisudorozhny effect, which is very important in the treatment of epilepsy, but it has not yet been thoroughly studied. Ketogenic diet will effectively cut out carbs from your body.

From dietetics point of view it is important behavior of ketones in the body: in the absence of carbohydrate in the body they take energy supplier function instead of glucose. In the classical ketogenic diet ratio of carbohydrate and fat contained in the food should be 4: 1.

Working mechanism of Ketogenic diet

Driving in the body following mechanisms: in the process of lipolysis (breakdown of fat) are formed glycine and fatty acids that produce the ketone compound. Some particularly attentive athletes are beginning to include in the diet of coconut oil, which contains the largest number of fatty acids, because they are the most rapidly absorbed in the body.

In the modern version, aimed at weight loss, it is proposed to drastically reduce or completely eliminate carbohydrates and slightly increase the amount of ingested fat, but certainly not the way in medical version. The main objective of the keto diet – get down working exactly the fats that are already present in the body. This usually occurs after 2-3 days when glycogen (carbohydrate primary spare humans and animals) are left. That is why, the ketogenic diet is popular with athletes before the competition, when they seemed to “dry” own body, working on relief.

Advantages and disadvantages of keto-diet

As with any diet, ketogenic diet has its advantages and disadvantages. Positive qualities will probably be a few more. There remains a familiar operation and even comes a burst of energy and good mood for the first time. However, our body is accustomed to a certain dose of carbohydrates, and a few days can begin the so-called break-carbohydrate – think their own dreams of chocolate and other sweet pleasures of life.

To avoid disruption, it is possible to make the cyclic mode, i.e. a few days, for example, on the seventh, carbohydrate arrange fasting days. Do not forget that in products that contain carbohydrates, there are many other nutrients: fiber, minerals etc.

Menu and food scheme

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  • Ketogenic diet excluding high carbohydrate foods: bread, pasta, cereals, sugar, potatoes, sweet fruit and vegetables, sweets, soda.

You can eat meat and fish, seafood, dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese), oil (preferably olive oil), nuts, salad greens, vegetables (cucumber, avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans), eggs, unsweetened fruit and berries. And, as always, you need to drink plenty of water.)

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