Reasons for Gaining Weight even when on Diet

Reasons for Gaining Weight even when on Diet

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It might sound peculiar to you when you hear the question why does dieting make you gain weight. It would not be wrong to suggest that dieting means to reduce excessive weight through controlled eating habits. Such food contains carbohydrates and fats in abundance, which is not good for your body and overall health. However, the point to ponder upon would be whether you are doing it in the right manner. Almost more than half of the number of people looking forward to reduce excessive weight with controlled eating habits or dieting tends to gain weight.


What is the reason for gaining weight while dieting?

The major reason for people for gaining weight even when on a diet has been their approach to the program. Mostly, dieting programs have not been seen to work as expected. It would not be wrong to suggest that dieting and weight loss in a majority of cases would be associated with women. It has been a known fact that people who consume less energy than their body could burn in a single day would be more likely to shed off excessive weight. Some of the reasons associated with dieting and weight gain have been wrong focus and extreme dieting.

Wrong focus

It would not be wrong to suggest that most ventures would not bear fruitful results because of wrong focus. Similar has been the case in dieting. A majority of dieting programs have failed because of wrong approach or focus by the dieting person. Big promises may be given to various customers in order to attract attention and clientele. In order to lose weight in a quick manner, people tend to resort to extreme measures that could result in shock to the overall body system. They might lose weight in the initial stages of the program, but that would be just temporary. Permanent loss of weight would require good dietary habits.


Extreme dieting

This has been another, yet the worst method of losing excessive weight. Starvation is not the right manner of losing weight. A nutritionist would recommend losing two pounds of weight per week. If you go beyond that, you would be harming your body than losing weight through dieting. You might lose weight due to extreme dieting, but that would be loss of water weight and muscle weight. Fat would still hang on to your body. When you start eating regularly, your body would gain excessive weight in the form of fat.

Therefore, you should look forward to proper dieting program and follow it in the right manner to gain effective results.

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