The Growing Popularity of LASIK Eye Surgery

The Growing Popularity of LASIK Eye Surgery

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Whether one is short-sighted, is long-sighted, or suffers from astigmatism, eye problems are very common. Our eyes are a complex version of a camera lens. Light enters the eye through the cornea and these light rays hit the retina and are sent to the brain through many thousands of optical nerves to be decoded into a visual scene. The problem is that if these light rays are bent or distorted by a cornea that is even slightly misshapen, vision is affected.

LASIK Surgery: A New Way to Treat Vision Problems

LASIK is a new type of laser-assisted eye surgery that can reshape the cornea, which is the lens of the eye. By doing this, common problems such as astigmatism, short-sightedness, and long-sightedness can be eliminated or vastly improved.

Since not everyone is eligible, the first step to having this procedure performed is organising a meeting with your local optical surgeon. He or she will evaluate your eyes and your eyesight and determine if you are eligible for the procedure. It is important to note that not everyone is eligible for it. Typically, the eye specialist will look at the following to determine eligibility for LASIK in San Antonio:

  • The shape of the cornea, including thickness
  • What type of refractive errors there are that are causing the vision problem
  • The health of the eye, including any specific conditions

After this evaluation period, and assuming that one is eligible for the surgery, every precaution is taken to ensure a patient’s safety and comfort. Typically, eye drops are applied to the eye to numb the area. Some specialists will also administer medication to aid relaxation.

During the surgery, a flap of the cornea is cut and the laser is used to reshape it. This reshaping process adjusts the corneal flap so that it will bend the light entering it in a way that corrects vision problems. In most cases, vision problems are eliminated, while in others, vision problems are improved.

Some patients undergoing LASIK find that the clicking sound made by the laser is off-putting or even anxiety-generating. It is important to remember that the clicking sound is perfectly normal and is just a function of the laser working. The good news is that when the clicking sound happens, your cornea flap is being reshaped so that you can see better!

Why So Many People Are Seeking LASIK Treatment for Their Eyes

One of the biggest reasons why LASIK eye surgery is so popular is because of how successful it has been compared to more traditional treatments. The procedure itself is also rather rapid, meaning day surgery and a much shorter stay. Most people find these benefits worthwhile and that the LASIK process is not quite as bad as they had expected!

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