What are the Steps to Gastric Sleeve Surgery

What are the Steps to Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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Gastric sleeve surgery has become a one-stop solution for the people suffering from obesity. Doctors undergo a couple of steps to complete the process. In lieu of other procedures, this seems to be pretty more invasive for people looking for a quite cure from the excessive weight they have gained.


So, let’s have a quick look at the important steps that the surgeons undergo during the treatment—

  • It is the process where the surgeon cuts almost 80% of the person’s stomach leaving it to a shape of a tube or a sleeve. Thus the surgery is named gastric sleeve surgery for the design the stomach gets after the surgery.
  • The operation is processed laparoscopically that demands the small incisions instead of the large cuts. Next to that, the surgeon inserts a tube attached to a camera and required instruments used for the surgery. The camera guides the surgeon to place the tube and staple it to close after the surgery.


  • After a certain time, when the doctor checks the patient and finds that the person has lost a significant amount of weight after cutting off the stomach, he/she will be scheduled for a Gastric Bypass Surgery. The second surgery is mainly done to give a final stage touch on the first surgery and help the patients to enter the road of complete cure from the curse of obesity. Nowadays, the risk of the Gastric Bypass Surgery is less as the doctors recommend going for it at a gap of minimum eighteen months or so.
  • The stomach is not removed; it is reshaped and cut with the surgery so that the patients can abstain from eating more than their usual requirement. It is the overeating and frequently eating habit that makes a person gain weight like anything. At the same time, lack of knowledge on taking proper food is also responsible for increasing weight.


  • The process of Gastric Sleeve Surgery is initiated with a Pre-op diet that starts 2 weeks before the surgery is done. You can know about the proper diet at com. Under the guidance of a good dietitian the patients have to have to change their eating habits before and after the surgery to make it a successful venture.
  • The best part of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery is that it is processed laparoscopically. For this reason, the patients can heal quickly for the small incision and can get back home from the hospital within 2-3 days of the surgery. Though, they still remain under care and constant support of the doctor.


  • In the post-op healing period, many patients experience a swollen or tender abdomen. If the discomfort level increases, doctors can recommend them medicines. To make them feel comfort, the dieticians prescribe liquid food for at least 2 weeks from the operation.

So, if you are about to go for Gastric Sleeve Surgery, know these things first and go ahead for the surgery. Visit the best doctors who can guide you the best.

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Over the past several years Marcel Pumaign has been working as a dietician for Gastric Sleeve Surgery patients. His articles are always helpful for the people fighting obesity and looking forward to favorable solutions.

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